When Is the Best Time to Sell Your Southern California Property?

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When is the best month to sell your property? This time of year, many homeowners ask real estate agents if they should sell their home in the spring or summer. It takes a few months for the seller and the agent to plan, prepare, and list the property.

If you’re thinking of selling in the spring, January is a great time to start. Many of you might think that’s a crazy suggestion, but many sellers see success in January. Buyers are out there 24/7.

In the past, buyers waited for spring to start their shopping because that’s when most listings hit the market. Today’s buyer looks at listings all day, every day. They have apps on their phone, and listings get texted or emailed to them. They don’t care about the time of year; they are ready to buy any time. List your home in January and you will have a captive audience. 

Another reason to list in January is people start to think about bonuses, inheritances, and tax implications. The end of the year often comes with financial discussions as people take stock of their incomes. They start thinking about work bonuses, or if they want to spend another year renting. People also start considering the tax implications of owning a home.

Finally, sellers typically wait until spring to list. Visible grass and flowerbeds make houses more inviting to buyers. However, if you list in the spring, you will face more competition from similar homes in your area. You’re better off being on the market before these other homes get listed. The more homes that are on the market, the more buyers will spread out.  Buyers shopping in January understand that the home won’t show as well in spring or summer months.

If you’re a flexible seller, consider listing in January or February. If someone falls in love with your home, you can negotiate the closing date, and they might not mind waiting until April to close escrow. Many buyers have been looking at homes for years, so come January, they’re tired of the real estate hunt. This is your target buyer.

If you have any questions, give me a call or send me an email. I would be happy to help you!

What Stops a Home from Selling in Southern California?

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If you have recently attempted to sell your home in Southern California, but did not find a buyer, then I have two different suggestions for you.
  • Your home may be overpriced.
  • It’s not being marketed aggressively

You could also have a combination of these two items. The first 30 days are the most important to the sale of your home, so be sure to hire someone that has an aggressive marketing plan.

If people can see your home and it’s priced attractively, then you will probably have a lot of buyers knocking on your door. If your home fails to sell in the first 30 days, then you will probably not get top dollar for it.

Focus on these three things as a home seller in Southern California:

  • Price
  • Condition
  • Accessibility of the home for showing
If your home is in good condition, priced well, and accessible for showings, then you have a good chance to sell this spring. We expect a lot of buyers to come out and purchase because of rising interest rates.

If you need help selling your home this spring, then please don’t hesitate to contact me!

March 2016 Real Estate Update

March 2016 Real Estate Update

How Is the National Market Changing?

Want to sell your Southern California Home? Get a FREE home value report
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Today we just wanted to share some of the latest national housing market data. We’ve got the most recent report, which looked at the changes we saw year-over-year in the housing market. Here are some of the most notable changes we’ve seen in the past year:
  • Home sales are up 6.3%.
  • Median home prices are up 6.7%.
  • Average days on market is down 9 days, currently sits at an average of 71.
  • Number of home sales is down by 14.7%.

These are just a few of the great, encouraging numbers we’ve been seeing. If you have any questions, or want a more in-depth analysis of our local market, give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!