How to Sell Homes Using Effective Marketing Strategies

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What market strategies does our team use to ensure that our listings sell? Today's video is going to be answering that question. In LA County, there are 1,000 listings that expire every month, and another 170 that expire in Ventura County. In most cases, they expire or cancel because they are priced poorly or marketed improperly. 

There are three things that I always strive for when selling homes for clients:
  1. Protecting my clients' equity by getting them top dollar for their home.
  2. Selling it in the shortest amount of time.
  3. Making sure the sale, escrow, and transition is smooth.

I can accomplish these three things by using my 17 Point Marketing Plan that I implement on all of my listings. Here are the five most important points:
  1. I review comparable sales to ensure that my listings are priced correctly from the very beginning, and this allows me to sell homes for much more than the average real estate agent. 
  2. I maximize exposure to the outside world by promoting our listings with signs, flyers, video, and lots of internet marketing on multiple web channels.
  3. I personally devote time in the morning to call over 100 people each day. I don't wait around for business, I go out and find it. 
  4. I analyze feedback by tracking the number of online hits on my properties and I engage with potential buyers online. 
  5. I also promote my listings with monthly E-newsletters and bi-weekly marketing videos that go out to the entire world via Youtube. 

These are just a few of the ways that we ensure that our listings sell. These practices also ensure that our customer service is top-notch and that our clients have the best experience possible. 

Thanks again for watching, and if you're thinking of buying or selling a home in Southern California, please be sure to call us for a free consultation.

How we helped Carlton sell his home by being proactive

"They were very professional. He did a very quick job. He was proactive, which is something that I don’t see in real estate agents that much. I was very impressed with him. When we first listed the house, he gave us tips on how to sell the house, what to price it, and told us cosmetic things to do around the house. Most agents don’t do that!"

How we helped Serj with his real estate transactions by always keeping him updated

"Steven found a couple of properties for me. The negotiating took a couple of months because he dealt with both the bank and the owner. It was a very complicated process, but he got it done! He kept me updated every step of the way. One of the owners was out of the country, so he had to get ahold of the owner in Mexico! He was able to get what he needed from the owner. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience."

How we helped Richard find a house by creating an easy process

 "I’m an investor, and he was able to get me into some lower-priced homes. I was able to find one that I liked, and the purchase was very quick and easy. The house was still owner-occupied, and it was a short sale. In those cases, it can be difficult to get into the house to look at it. He was very good about getting me into the house, and he even gave me a second showing so I could bring some family along. I felt he went above and beyond by creating as easy a process as possible!"

How to Price Your Home Accurately

Want to sell your Southern California Home? Get a FREE home value report
Want to buy a Southern California Home? Search all homes for sale

I have had a lot of people tell me how shocked they were at the published values of their homes. Some saw that their homes were worth more than they thought, but some were also far lower than what they had expected. So, should you use these values to determine a sale price for your home?

These websites attempt to make data derived from public records more accessible, and they use property taxes to evaluate the worth of your home. They also find ways to become members of MLS services, so they can find accurate values for homes. Once they have both of these pieces of data, they apply their own algorithms to determine a value for your home. 

Sometimes the results are accurate, but a lot of the time they are wildly inaccurate. These algorithms don't take into account comparable properties or updates made to the homes that would otherwise improve the value. Subjective information like curb appeal and the interior design is not factored in, and this is why valuations should only be used as tools, not as measuring sticks for a selling price. 

Your best approach is to come to your local Realtor and ask for a comparative market analysis. This will result in the most accurate home price, because Realtors use updated market data, whereas websites like Trulia and Zillow only update their data every week or so. Real estate moves quickly, so old data cannot be used to determine an accurate price.

So, if you're trying to sell your home in Southern California, it's important that you consult with your local Realtor to determine an attractive home price that will get buyers to pay top dollar for your home. 

Please don't hesitate to contact me, I'm always happy to help you!

How we helped Bennie sell his home by seeking out the best offer

"We got great results. We had to get out of the house right away, and I was very impressed at what he did with the house in the two-month time-frame that we had to sell it. We had some offers on the house, and he kept sending material out to get better offers. My siblings and I thought we weren’t going to get any more money than this, but a better offer came in, and we did! That was wonderful."

How we helped Ben with his real estate transactions using our negotiation skills

"I got the asking price on my house, which was about $20,000 more than the home was worth. Then he found me a townhouse, and I bought it for $10,000 less than its appraised value because he knew how to negotiate. Thanks to Steve’s expertise, I got a great price, and the house has worked out great!"